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HKBU invents novel cell sensor for rapid and low-cost screening of drug-resistant bacteria

(Photo by HKBU CPRO)

Our team developed a novel cell sensor with a barcode-like micro-channel structure that enables rapid and low-cost screening of drug-resistant bacteria. The invention could potentially be used on a large-scale in resource-limited situations such as frequent safety screenings of water, food and public facilities, as well as urgent surveys of massive samples during an infectious disease outbreak, particularly in developing countries.

The test results of the “barcode” cell sensor were consistent with those conducted with conventional antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST). The test can be completed in three hours, which is much faster than conventional AST that requires 16 to 24 hours for results.

This work has been published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics. More details about the publication are available at:

Our research team has filed a patent application for the invention, and they plan to develop it into a portable AST instrument. This work has been featured in the HKBU research news. Following is the link to the news release.

This news has been reported by some media outlets such as

Xinhua Finance Agency

Bizwire Express

The Reporting Today


Other media reports in Chinese:

(I) Print media (30 Sep 2021)

Hong Kong Economic Journal A16

浸大新創快篩耐藥性細菌 條碼細胞傳感器 3小時內完成

Hong Kong Economic Times A13

浸大新傳感器 快速篩查耐藥惡菌 外觀如條碼 成本低冀大規模應用

Wen Wei Po A25


Sing Tao Daily F01


Ming Pao A10

浸大低成本藥敏測試 3小時篩查耐藥細菌

Ta Kung Pao A10

浸大細胞傳感器 低成本篩查耐藥性細菌

(II) Online media


Sing Tao Canada

Sing Tao USA

Line Today

Urbanlife Health

Sing Tao Web

Headline Daily

Hong Kong Economic Journal

StartUpBeat (by HK Economic Journal)

Wen Wei Po

Ming Pao

Ming Pao Education

Ta Kung Pao

Hong Kong Economic Times

Bastille Post


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