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The RenGroup


In September 2014, Dr.Ren joined HKBU as assistant professor in the department of Chemistry.  After that his research focus on advanced analytical chemistry technologies, with particular emphasis on creating and applying novel instrumental analysis technologies based on microfluidics and materials engineering.

RenGroup is currently made up of 12 members with a diverse range of roles. Each member has a specific object or area they focus on, but we love our team to have a good understanding of all the programs, so we do mix and match where needed. Having an integrated team who share their knowledge and can work interchangeably when necessary, is crucial in the creation of a strong and creative team.

The lab members are cheerful, positive, and very eager in their researches. Therefore the newcomer's motivation will always be moved in the stimulating environment of this lab, by the elite lab members coming from various universities which have been passing through the strict selection.  oin us in a pleasant laboratory life! 

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