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  • Invited Talk, Microfluidic Analytical System for Rapid Survey of Antimicrobial Resistance in Environmental Microorganisms, 2019 Joint Workshop on Environmental Science March 18-21, 2019Hong Kong, China

  • Invited Talk, Dynamic soft molding: faithful transfer print of true 3D hierarchical structures by spontaneous cracking and healing of soft material, SICC 2018, Singapore, Dec 2018

  • Invited Talk, Unconventional Materials in Microfluidics for Biochemical and Environmental Analysis, Tsinghua Forum on Industrial Biocatalysis, Tsinghua University, June 2018

  • Invited Talk, Suspending-droplet Microchips, Optofluidics 2018, Shanghai, July 2018

  • Invited Talk, Robust Self-cleaning Coating Made of Surface-molded Teflon Thin Film, NANOMXCN, Hong Kong, Dec4-6 2016

  • Invited Talk, Tiny footprints on polymer surface, SLECE, Guangzhou, Dec 2016

  • Invited Talk, Cell-on-Hydrogel Platform for Rapid, Low-cost, Multidimensional Test of Antimicrobial Susceptibility, Optofluidics 2016, Beijing, July 2016

  • Conference Talk, New Material Functions Obtained by a Mass Productive Method for Microfabricating High-Melting-Point Thermoplastics, ISMM2016, Hong Kong, May30 - June1 2016 (Organization committee member)

  • Conference Talk, Precise, Affordable, and Scalable Method to Microfabricate Teflon and Its Applications in Superhydrophobic Functional Coating, International Meeting on Electrowetting 2016, Taipei, June 2016 (TPC member)

  • Invited talk, Tiny footprints on polymer surface: novel microfabrication for microdevices and surface engineering, SLECE, Beijing, Dec 2015

  • Invited talk, Generating Biomimetic Surface Coating with Teflon Plastics using an Easy-Access, Mass-Productive Transfer Molding Method, City University of Hong Kong, 07/2015

  • Invited talk, Microfabricated Teflon structures in microfluidics and surface engineering, PSHK, 06/2015

  • Invited talk, Miniature Platform for Grand Missions: Microfabricated Devices as Enabling Tools in Different Fields, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 04/2015

  • Invited talk, Creating New Realms/Capabilities with Polymeric Microstructures as Enabling Tools, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 04/2015

  • Invited talk, Small Scale, Big Matters: from Microfluidics, Material Engineering to Novel Analytical Tools, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, 01/2015

  • Invited talk, Micro-Featured Polymeric Devices as New Tools in Healthcare, Symposium on Advanced Materials for Photovoltaics, Catalysis, Imaging, and Biomedicine Applications, Hong Kong, 11/2014

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