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                                LATEST ARTICLES
  1. ​ Wanbo Li, Chiuwing Chan, Zeyu Li, Sin-Yung Siu, Siyu Chen, Han Sun, Zeyu Liu, Yisu Wang,  Chong Hu, Nicola Maria Pugno, Richard N. Zare, Hongkai    Wu,* Kangning Ren*, All-perfluoropolymer, nonlinear stability-assisted monolithic surface combines topology-specific superwettability with ultradurability,  The Innovation, 2023, 4, 2, 2023, 100389 (in press)                                 

  2.   Zhangyan Zhou, Beiyue Ma*, Xin Zhang, Liming Tang, Xiuzhou Lin, Chuanbo Hu*, Kangning Ren*, Enhanced corrosion resistance and self-cleaning              properties of superhydrophobic nickel coating fabricated by one-step electrodeposition, Ceramics International, in press

  3. Chuanbo Hu, Kaki Kwan, Xinying Xie, Chaogang Zhou, Kangning Ren*, Superhydrophobic polyaniline/TiO2 composite coating with enhanced anticorrosion function, Reactive and Functional Polymers, 2022, in press (IF3.975)

  4. Xinying Xie, Yisu Wang, Sin-Yung Siu, Chiu-Wing Chan, Yujiao Zhu, Xuming Zhang, Jun Ge, Kangning Ren*, Microfluidic synthesis as a new route to produce novel functional materials, Biomicrofluidics, 2022, in press (IF 3.258)

  5. Yujiao Zhu, Qingming Chen, Chi Chung Tsoi, Xiaowen Huang, Abdel El Abed, Kangning Ren,* Shao-Yuan Leu, Xuming Zhang*, Biomimetic reusable microfluidic reactors with physically immobilized RuBisCO for glucose precursor production, Catalysis Science & Technology, 2022 in press (IF6.119)

  6. Xin Zhang, Chuanbo Hu*, Junjie Lin, Huawei Yin, Jingchun Shi, Jianting Tang, Beiyue Ma, Tingzhen Li*, Kangning Ren*, Fabrication of recyclable, superhydrophobic-superoleophilic quartz sand by facile two-step modification for oil-water separation, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2022, 10, 107019 (IF 5.876)

  7. Yang Liu, Nijia Wang, Chiu-Wing Chan, Aiping Lu, Yuanyuan Yu* , Ge Zhang* and Kangning Ren*, The application of microfluidic technologies in aptamer selectionFront. Cell Dev. Biol., in press

  8. Chiu-Wing Chan#, Han Sun#, Yisu Wang, Zhihao Zhao, Ryan O'Neill, Sin-Yung Siu, Xiaowen Chu, Niaz Banaei, Kangning Ren*, “Barcode” Cell Sensor Microfluidic System: Rapid and Sample-to-Answer Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Applicable in Resource-Limited Conditions, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, in press(IF 10.257) Reported by: HKBU, Xinhua Finance Agency, Bizwire Express, The Reporting Today, etnet, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Hong Kong Economic Times, Wen Wei Po, Sing Tao Daily, Ming Pao, Ta Kung Pao,, TOPICK, Sing Tao Canada, Sing Tao USA, Line Today, Urbanlife Health, Sing Tao Web, Headline Daily, StartUpBeat, Ming Pao Education, Hong Kong Economic Times, Bastille Post

  9. Chuanbo Hu, Xinying Xie, Kangning Ren*, A facile method to prepare stearic acid-TiO2/zinc composite coating with multipronged robustness, self-cleaning property, and corrosion resistance, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2021, 882, 160636

  10. Chuanbo Hu, Tingzhen Li, Huawei Yin, Lei Hu, Jianting Tang, KangningRen*, Preparation and corrosion protection of three different acids doped polyaniline/epoxy resin composite coatings on carbon steel, 612, 126069

  11. Chong Hu, Yunxiu Bai, Miao Hou, Yisu Wang, Licheng Wang, Xun Cao, Chiu-Wing Chan, Han Sun, Wanbo Li, Jun Ge*, and Kangning Ren*, Defect-induced Activity Enhancement of Enzyme-Embedded Metal-Organic Frameworks Revealed in Microfluidic Gradient Mixing Synthesis, Science Advances, 2020, doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aax5785 (IF 12.804)

  12. Chuanbo Hu, Xinying Xie, Hui Zheng, Yongquan Qing, Kangning Ren*, Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic zinc coatings with corrosion resistance by electrodeposition process, New J. Chem., 2020,44, 8890-8901

  13. Wanbo Li#, Miao Yu#, Jing Sun#, Kentaro Mochizuki, Siyu Chen, Huanxi Zheng, Jiaqian Li, Shuhuai Yao, Hongkai Wu, Beng S. Ong, Satoshi Kawata, Zuankai Wang*, Kangning Ren* Crack engineering as a new route for the construction of arbitrary hierarchical architectures, PNAS, 2019, 116 (48) 23909-23914 (IF 9.58)

  14. C Hu, Y Li, T Li, Y Qing, J Tang, H Yin, L Hu, L Zhang, Y Xie, K Ren, Fabrication of poly (N-methylaniline)/SiC-ZnO bilayer coatings onto the carbon steel substrate and studies on its anticorrosion properties, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2019, 124176

  15. Han Sun, Chiu-Wing Chan, Yisu Wang, Xiao Yao, Xuan Mu*, Xuedong Lu, Jianhua Zhou, Zongwei Cai, Kangning Ren*, Reliable and reusable whole-polypropylene plastic microfluidic devices for rapid, low-cost antimicrobial susceptibility test, Lab Chip, 2019 (IF6.9),

  16. Chong Hu, Yangfan Chen, Ming Jun Andrew Tan, Kangning Ren*, and Hongkai Wu*, Microfluidic technologies for vasculature biomimicry, Analyst (IF3.9), in press , featured as journal front outside cover

  17. Kangning Ren,* Chung-Hang Leung,* Dik-Lung Ma,* et al. A portable oligonucleotide-based microfluidic device for the detection of VEGF165 in a three-step suspended-droplet mode, Dalton Transactions, (IF4.1) in press

  18. Yisu Wang#, Siyu Chen#, Han Sun, Wanbo Li, Chong Hu, Kangning Ren*, Recent Progresses in Microfabricating Perfluorinated Polymers (Teflons) and the Associated New Applications in Microfluidics, , Microphysiological Systems (new journal), 2018, 2, 6

  19. Sun H, Li WB, Dong ZZ, Hu C, Leung CH,* Ma DL,* Ren KN.* A suspending-droplet mode paper-based microfluidic platform for low-cost, rapid, and convenient detection of lead(II) ions in liquid solution. Biosens Bioelectron 2018, 99, 361. (IF7.78)  Reported by: South China Morning Post, Wen Wei Po, Sing Tao Daily, Headline Daily, Sing Pao Daily News, Metro International, Hong Kong Economic Times,, Sky Post, am 730, HKBU, Think Hong Kong, EurekAlert, Asia Research News, Phuket News, SCIENMAG, Hong Kong Informer, Science and Technology Research News                                                              

  20. Zhengzhi Liu, Niaz Banaei, Kangning Ren*, Microfluidics for Combating Antimicrobial Resistance, Trends in Biotechnology, 2017, 35, 1129–1139 (IF 12.1)

  21. Zhengzhi Liu, Han Sun, Kangning Ren*, Multiplexed, Gradient‐based, Full‐hydrogel Microfluidic Platform for Rapid, High‐throughput Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing, ChemPlusChem, 82, 792-801, 2017 10.1002/cplu.201600654 (IF 2.8)

  22. Sheng Lin, Wanhe Wang, Chong Hu, Guanjun Yang, Chung-Nga Ko, Kangning Ren*, Chung-Hang Leung*, Dik-Lung Ma*, The application of a G-quadruplex based assay with an iridium(III) complex to arsenic ion detection and its utilization in a microfluidic chip, J Mater Chem B, 2017,5, 479-484 (IF 4.5)

  23. Chong Hu, Sheng Lin, Wanbo Li, Han Sun, Yangfan Chen, Chiu-Wing Chan, Chung-Hang Leung,   Ma Dik-Lung*, Hongkai Wu* and Kangning Ren*, A One-Step Strategy for Ultra-Fast and Low Cost Mass Production of Plastic Membrane Microfluidic Chips, Lab Chip, 2016, 16, 3909-3918. (IF 6.0, featured as journal front outside cover)

  24. Chong Hu, Han Sun, Zhengzhi Liu, Yin Chen, Yangfan Chen, Hongkai Wu* and Kangning Ren*, “Freestanding 3-D microvascular networks made of alginate hydrogel as a universal tool to create microchannels inside hydrogels”, Biomicrofluidics, 10, 044112, 2016

  25. Han Sun, Zhengzhi Liu, Chong Hu, Kangning Ren*, Cell-on-Hydrogel Platform Made of Agar and Alginate for Rapid, Low-cost, Multidimensional Test of Antimicrobial Susceptibility, Lab Chip, 2016, 16, 3130 - 3138. Reported by:South China Morning Post, Biotech gate , Yahoo News Singapore , Cision, Hong Kong Informer, Hong Kong News, GreenPoone, HKBU Oriental Daily News, Sky Post, Metro International, Sing Tao Daily, Sing Pao Daily News, Lion Rock Daily, Wen Wei Po, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, HKET, European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Med-Tech Innovation, QS Wow news (received QS WOW News Award)

  26. Wen Dai, Wanbo Li, Kangning Ren*, Hongkai Wu*, Convenient, Reliable, Bias-Free Dynamic Patterning of Multiple Types of Cells into Precisely Defined Micropatterns for Co-Culture Study, ChemNanoMat, 2016, 2, 447–453 (new journal; IF 2.937)

  27. Anjini Karthik, Katherine Margulis, Kangning Ren, Richard N. Zare, Lawrence W. Leung, “Rapid and Selective Detection of Viruses Using Virus-Imprinted Polymer Films”, Nanoscale, 2015, 7:18998-9003 (IF 7.4)

  28. Wanbo Li, Kangning Ren, Jianhua Zhou, Aluminum-based Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance for Biosensing, Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 2016, 80, 486–494 (IF6.47)

  29. Sheng Lin, Lihua Lu, Modi Wang, Chong Hu, Li-Juan Liu, Kangning Ren*, Dik-Lung Ma*, Chung-Hang Leung*, G-quadruplex-based logic gates for Hg II and Ag I ions employing a luminescent iridium (iii) complex and extension of metal-mediated base pairs by polymerase, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2015,3, 4780-4785 (IF 4.7; Journal Cover)

  30. Wanbo Li, Jiancai Xue, Xueqin Jiang, Zhangkai Zhou, Kangning Ren, Jianhua Zhou, Low-cost replication of plasmonic gold nanomushroom arrays for transmission-mode and multichannel biosensing, RSC Adv., 2015,5, 61270-61276 (IF 3.84)

  31. Rajiv L. Gaur,* Kangning Ren,*Antje Blumenthal, Suresh Bhamidi, Sara Gibbs, Mary Jackson, Richard N. Zare, Manuel Amieva, Sabine Ehrt, Joel D. Ernst, Niaz Banaei, LprG-mediated surface expression of lipoarabinomannan is essential for virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (*authors with equal contributions) Plos Pathogens, 10(9): e1004376, 2014 (IF 8.0)

  32. B. Xiong, K.N. Ren, Y.W. Shu, Y. Chen, B. Shen and H. K. Wu, Recent Development of Microfluidics for Cell Study, Advanced Materials, 26: 5525–5532, 2014 (IF 17.5)

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  34. X. Mu, Q.L. Liang, J. Zhou, K.N. Ren, P. Hu, Y.M. Wang, Z. Zheng, G.A. Luo, Oil-water Biphasic Parallel Flow for the Precise Patterning of Metals and Cells. Biomedical Microdevices, 16:245-253, 2014 (IF 2.7)

  35. K.N. Ren, N. Banaei, R. N. Zare, Sorting Inactivated Cells Using Cell-Imprinted Polymer Thin Films, ACS Nano, 7, 6031–6036, 2013 (IF 12.1) (Highlighted by ACS Nano, 7: 5651–5653, 2013)

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  42. K.N. Ren, W. Dai, J. H. Zhou, J. Su. H. K. Wu. Whole-Teflon Microfluidic Chips. P. N. A. S. 108: 8162-8166, 2011 (Highlighted by Lab on a chip, 11, 2811-2812, 2011; reported by Science letters, PhysOrg, Biblio and Physics Today.) (IF 9.7)

  43. J.H. Zhou, K.N. Ren, W. Dai, Y.H. Zhao, D. Ryan and H.K. Wu. Pumping-Induced Perturbation of Flow in Microfluidic Channels and Its Implications for Cell Culture on-Chip. Lab on a Chip 11: 2288-2294, 2011 (IF6.2)

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  46. J.H. Zhou, K.N. Ren, Y.Z. Zheng, J. Su, Y.H. Zhao, D. Ryan and H.K. Wu. Fabrication of a Microfluidic Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode and Its Application for Portable and Disposable Electrochemical Microchips. Electrophoresis 31: 3083-3089, 2010 (IF 3.3)

  47. X. Mu, Q.L. Liang, P. Hu, K.N. Ren, Y.M. Wang and G.A. Luo. Selectively Modified Microfluidic Chip for Solvent Extraction of Radix Salvia Miltiorrhiza Using Three-Phase Laminar Flow to Provide Double Liquid-Liquid Interface Area. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 9: 365-373, 2010 (IF 3.5)

  48. K.N. Ren, Q.L. Liang, X. Mu, G.A. Luo and Y.M. Wang. Miniaturized High Throughput Detection System for Capillary Array Electrophoresis on Chip with Integrated Light Emitting Diode Array as Addressed Ring-Shaped Light Source. Lab on a Chip 9: 733-736, 2009 (IF5.7)

  49. J.H. Zhou, H. Yan, K.N. Ren, W. Dai and H.K. Wu. Convenient Method for Modifying Poly(dimethylsiloxane) with Poly(ethylene glycol) in Microfluidics. Analytical Chemistry 81(16): 6627-6632, 2009 (IF 5.9)

  50. X. Mu, Q.L. Liang, P. Hu, K.N. Ren, Y.M. Wang and G.A. Luo. Laminar Flow Used as "Liquid Etch Mask" in Wet Chemical Etching to Generate Glass Microstructures with an Improved Aspect Ratio. Lab on a chip 9: 1994-1996, 2009 (IF5.7)

  51. X. Mu, Q.L. Liang, P. Hu, B. Yao, K.N. Ren, Y.M. Wang and G.A. Luo. Prototypical Nonelectrochemical Method for Surface Regeneration of an Integrated Electrode in a PDMS Microfluidic Chip. Analytical Letters 42: 1986-1996, 2009 (IF 1.0)

  52. K.N. Ren, Q.L. Liang, B. Yao, G.A. Luo, et al. Whole Column Fluorescence Imaging on a Microchip by Using a Programmed Organic Light Emitting Diode Array as a Spatial-Scanning Light Source and a Single Photomultiplier Tube as Detector. Lab on a Chip 7: 1574-1580, 2007 (IF5.7)

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